About Healthy With Yoga

Susie, an expat Swiss and environmental scientist, founded Healthy with Yoga  2014.  She has been researching a balanced and healthy lifestyle through simple Yoga and wellbeing practices for many years.

Yoga is not just for the strong and flexible.  It has immense benefits for anyone, at any fitness level, age, weight, or physical ability.

Yoga is also a philosophy of life.  It is a support system for body, mind and spirit.  There is also a natural connection between the Yoga philosophy and the health of people and the planet overall.

Regular Yoga practice, no matter how small, makes an enormous difference to wellbeing, mindset, resilience, as well as physical strength and balance.

Keeping Yoga and healthy living simple is at the heart of Healthy with Yoga, acknowledging that everyone has the capacity and ability to develop simple and effective Yoga and healthy living practices.

Healthy with Yoga’s purpose is to be an information base to help you find the most suitable and simple Yoga and healthy living practices to make your life better.

We look forward to having you join in on the journey of discovery!


Susie  🙂


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