I started Yoga almost by accident some years ago when I indulged in some uninterrupted extended reading after an operation. A few Yoga books already decorated my book shelves. Finally I had the time to delve into them and learn about the health benefits of Yoga.  Soon I fell in love with Yoga’s philosophy and its healing potential for body, mind and spirit.

Given my circumstances, I started at the gentle end of the Yoga spectrum, focusing on meditation and breathing.  The internet, I found, had much to offer. There were some wonderful on-line choices, both free and membership-based. I jumped in and did my first (chair) Yoga class.


These early experiences taught me that Yoga is not just for the strong and flexible.  It has immense benefits for anyone, at any fitness level. Armed with this insight, I slowly grew my practice. I expanded to more online classes and read ever more Yoga books.  As an environmental scientist, I had natural desire to learn all I could.

Although I tackled Yoga from several angles, what intrigued me most was the Yoga philosophy as a way of being in life, and as a support system for body, mind and spirit. There is also a natural connection between the Yoga philosophy and the health of people and the planet overall.  This was something that was very close to my heart.  Hence I also started to look around for fair trade and environmentally friendly Yoga products.

I am not a brilliant Yogi by any means (yet), but I meditate and practice Yoga most days.  I have found that regular practice, no matter how small, makes an enormous difference to my wellbeing, mindset, resilience, as well as physical strength and balance. It’s much easier to be healthy with Yoga!  It’s a joy to observe the ongoing, at times small improvements that come from regular practice.  This can be translated into any other aspect of life.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire you to start or expand your Yoga practice and enjoy the many benefits of Yoga, no matter where you are in you life. My wish is to add some genuine value to your practice. Never hesitate to ask me to do some research on a particular questions you may have. Please feel free to like and share any content.

Lots of well-wishes and Namaste


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