One Minute Of Meditation Can Re-Vitalize Your Day

The Things You’ll Notice After Meditating For Just One Minute

Do you at times wake up, feeling out of sorts?  You know that meditation will probably make this better.  But you are just not in the frame of mind for it right now.

The busier and more anxious we become, the fuller our minds are, the more elusive meditation seems to become.  In fact, even the thought of it appears to be painful!  After all, our body is well-used to the adrenaline we’re on.  Settling down into stillness appears impossible.

BUT: Even one minute of meditation can make a difference.

Everyone has one minute to spare, be it waiting for that coffee to arrive, in a doctor’s waiting room or waiting for the food to finish cooking.  Take some breaths and focus.  If thoughts wander, come back to the breath and focus.

How long is a minute?  Set the timer on on your phone so that you can get a feeling what a minute is.

Unexpected little things might start to occur after just one minute of meditation.  You suddenly notice a smell or taste you never noticed, a niggly little pain in your leg or an unexpected worry that’s taken residence in your mind…  Take note and allow it to pass, without judgement.  Things will immediately feel better.

Ashley Stavig, a licensed Mental Health Counselor, tested the one-minute meditation and reported a number of observations.  Are these the same for you?:

I know what you are thinking … only a minute? But for me, that’s just what felt right. I figured I could start slowly with one minute today, two minutes tomorrow, three the next, and so on.

I began by sitting on the floor with my legs crossed, and palms face up on my knees. I focused on my breath. And I was successful for about two breaths before I noticed my mind start to wander. Refocus. Two more breaths … Refocus again.

This pattern repeated itself for the duration of the minute. When I was finished I didn’t notice anything right away, but when I sat down to eat breakfast, I remembered what I’d heard about mindfulness and took in a few breaths before eating. Here’s what happened.

1. I was able to stay in the moment.

Typically, I am more vigilant to outside distractions. I’m hyper-aware of my surroundings and tend to focus on any little noise, whether its my dogs barking or phone ringing. That one minute of meditation helped me stay present during breakfast.

2. My sense of smell was stronger.

Maybe it was just the fact that I took time to actually take a deep breath and smell.

3. I was less worried about my to-do list.

My brain was able to take a break from organizing and re-organizing everything I had to get done.

4. I was more aware of what I was eating.

With each and every bite I noticed an enhancement of smell and flavor.

5. I had time to reflect on me.

I noticed I wanted to make better decisions for myself. I had an inner dialogue and I reminded myself that I’m important. I rarely take time to do that.

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