Gentle Yoga For Back Pain – Resolving Back Pain

In the United States, back pain is one of the most common complaints.  It affects most people at some stage in their lives, related due to long hours of sitting or standing, heavy lifting and also sports injuries Yoga!  Gentle Yoga is one of the great tools for managing back pain.

But:  Yoga itself can at times cause back injuries.  In particular, forward bends with straight legs and before we have warmed up properly can be the culprit.

Overall, once a lower back has been weakened, it is very easy to aggravate it again.  Sometimes a simple activity such as picking up the soap in the shower can set it off again. The resulting pain and immobility can be quite debilitating.  Resulting inflammation and muscle stiffness can cause greater tension throughout the back, shoulders and hips.

Consequently, we become stiff and misaligned.  This can often end up in more pain and proneness to injury – leading to a vicious circle.  Further, emotional stress, from a whole host of sources, can make everything worse.

Is This You?

Can you see yourself in that description?  Then it’s time to take action – either to treat a hurtful back or take preventative action to avoid further back pain.  Yoga is a great way to tackle persistent back problems.  But not any kind of Yoga:  gentle Yoga for back pain is the way to go.

Don’t Miss This Great Routine: Gentle Yoga For Back Pain

This video by Yoga With Adriene takes a very slow and gentle approach to stretch and release the back throughout its length and range, using a range of asanas.

It’s the fourth video of in Adriene’s 30-day Yoga programme and very cleverly placed at the beginning of the series to that back pain can be addressed early on.

Adriene has a gift of making people feel instantly comfortable and confident in their practice, in her calming and lighthearted way, and her videos are accessible to everyone.

Give It A Try:  Your Back Will Feel Instantly Better!

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