Jack Kornfield And The Vipassana Meditation Movement

What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassanastems from the Buddhist tradition and is used to describe the insight into our true reality. This includes the understanding that life is finite and often difficult, and that to be content, we need to let go of the self.  In short, all the hard stuff in life!

The Vipassana Movement is known as the Insight Meditation Movement.  This originated in Burma in the 1950s as a practical means to help people in modern and complex Western nations face emotional difficulties.

Vipassana Meditation uses mindfulness breathing to gain insight into reality.  This is simply based on watching the breath go in and out, and whatever happens during breathing, such as the sensations that the breath causes, whether the breath is long or short, etc.  By doing this, it is possible to become aware of the never ending changes that occur during breathing and sitting still, including changes within the mind and body.

Jack Kornfield is one the leading American Teachers within the Vipassana Meditation movement:

“When we examine our own minds we will inevitably encounter the root forces of greed, fear, prejudice, hatred, and desire, which create so much sorrow in the world. They become an opportunity for us. They raise a central question for anyone who undertakes a spiritual life. Is there some way that we can live with these forces constructively and wisely? Is there a skillful way to work with these energies?”

– Jack Kornfield

Overall, life becomes much more enjoyable if we gain a greater understanding of our thoughts, feelings, judgements and sensations that tend to rule us.  Once we understand them much better we can let them go through mindfulness meditation.  A new freedom and contentedness enters our lives.

Give Vipassana Meditation A Try. 🙂

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