10 Beginner-Friendly Yoga Routines For Stress Relief

Yoga is a great way to help you relax fast – even if you only have a short amount of time.  To this end, we have compiled 10 beginner-friendly yoga routines for stress relief.  They are available for free on Youtube and yours to enjoy anytime.

Have you got 5, 10 or 15 minutes to relax?  Then we have got a video for you.  Let’s get started.

5 Minute Stress Relief Videos

Quick Stress Fix by Yoga with Adriene

This 5 minute short Yoga stress fix will help you transition quickly from a hard day’s work to a relaxing evening.  And even if you feel you have not got a minute to spare – 5 minutes of Yoga is absolutely doable.

Adriene is one of the most fabulous online Yoga teachers and she brings much lightness, humour and kind wisdom every one of her online session.  She makes Yoga feel easy and relaxing.

This super-short standing sequence stretches and opens the body and helps calm the breath. You can practice this almost anywhere, whether it’s at home, over lunchtime, or before a meeting or interview.

Duration: 5 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Very easy.  If you have stiff hamstrings, make sure you always bend your knees in forward fold.

Anti-Stress Desk Yoga by Yoga With Adriene

This is yet another quick Yoga stress-fix routine by Yoga with Adriene – but this time sitting in a chair.   This is great for anyone who wants to do a bit of discrete Yoga in the office or has limited mobility.

Be prepared:  this is a silent routine to cater for the option that you can’t have the volume up – for example, if you are in a busy office.  

Adriene is a firm proponent of the fact that a little Yoga goes a long way – and that even a few minutes a day can make a big difference. 

Do this twice a day and you will be amazed how different you will feel.

Duration: 6 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy.  Remember to do only what you can do comfortably.  If a particular pose feels too hard, only go half-way or retreat to the last pose that felt comfortable.

Meditation For Stress Relief by Yoga With Candace

This 4 minute guided meditation for stress relief is simply done in a seated position – whether this is on a chair or on the floor.

As a result, you can do this almost anywhere and with a few minutes spare in your day.  If you are in a busy space, use your headphones or earplugs.

In case you are wondering: breathing and meditating are an essential part of Yoga practice and a key to calming body and mind.

This super-relaxing meditation is great for reducing stress and anxiety, and to create a sense of calm to carry you throughout your day.  Literally anyone can do this meditation and no previous experience is necessary.  

Even 4 minutes of meditation can make a significant difference to your mental state and ease stress levels.

Duration: 4 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Very easy.

10 Minute Yoga Videos For Stress Relief

If you feel that you are in need for a bit more relaxation and can commit to 10 minutes, then the next three stress reduction videos might be ideal for you.

Body Stretch For Energy And Calmness by Yoga TX

This quick 10-minute stress-busting yoga sequence by Yoga TX is really designed for the morning.  However, it is really good for any time in the day and when you are looking for a short routine to calm the mind and boost your energy.

The poses in this routine are very beginner-friendly.  They work and gently stretch the muscles your back, shoulders, chest, and help rejuvenate your body. 

You will need to get on the floor for this routine so make sure you have a mat or carpet you can work on.

Duration: 10 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy.  If this is your first “down dog” – take your time with it.  Make sure your knees are nicely bent and your hands and fingers widely spread in front of you.  Lower your legs to the floor if it is too much.

Yoga To Combat Stress by Yoga With Adriene

This 10-minute Yoga stress release routine focuses on relaxing the neck, shoulders and upper back – typically the physical places where we tend to store stress and accumulate tension.

Mostly, this routine takes place in a cross-legged position and takes a bit of flexibility in the hips, but also helps develop that flexibility.  You could easily do it in a chair as well, easily translating each pose to that position.

This therapeutic Yoga sequence will combat stress, reduce inflammation, relieve discomfort and increase range of motion, especially in your upper back and shoulders.

Duration: 10 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy.

Stress-Relieving Desk Yoga By Chriska Yoga  

This is a short 11 minute de-stressing chair yoga routine by Chriska Yoga that you can do at your desk at work or anywhere else sitting down.

It’s a gentle and measured Yoga routine and designed to help you de-stress and unwind.  It has a short meditation at the beginning and at the end.

You are guaranteed to feel more relaxed at the end of it and ready to get back to work after it.

Duration: 11 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy.  Remember – this is your Yoga practice.  Do only what feels good and don’t forget to breathe!

Meditation For Inner Peace by Yoga With Adriene

This short 12 minute Yoga for inner peace meditation by Yoga with Adriene encourages you to go inwards, let go and find calm.  You could do this meditation at your desk, at home, or even in your bed.

Adriene says that if you want to have a good body, you need to tend to the mind first.  That’s a wonderful insight and so true. 

Meditations are very useful to this end and are a wonderful complement your more physical asana (Yoga pose) practice.

Duration: 12 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy.  Just come back to your breath anytime your thoughts wander.

15 Minute Youtube Videos For Stress Relief

Yin Yoga for Complete Relaxation by PsycheTruth

This 13 minute gentle Yin Yoga session by Alison G. of Psyche Truth is perfect for any Yoga beginner.  Its aim is to reduce back pain, tension and stress through gentle stretching and breathing.

Although it is shown on the floor, you could just as easily do in a chair – wherever you happen to be.  Just adapt it to suit yourself.

Although it is a little shorter than 15 minutes, it’s a great routine to help you find calm.

Duration: 13 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy.  Just come back to your breath anytime your thoughts wander.


Relaxing and Calming Yoga Sequence By Psyche Truth

This 15 minute relaxing and calming Yoga sequence by Savannah of PsycheTruth is very much focused on moving the breath into the belly to initiate a “rest and digest” response.

This gentle Yoga session stretches the back, neck and shoulders, opens your heart.  It will leave you less stressed and feeling relaxed. Savannah’s instructions are very careful and detailed and this routine will leave you super-relaxed.

The routine is floor-based routine and not easily adaptable to a chair.

Duration: 15 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy. 

Yoga Nidra For Full Body Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a branch of Yoga that promotes deep rest and relaxation through guided body scans and breath awareness.  

It is normally carried out while lying down – but can equally work while sitting down comfortably.

This is Yoga for mind relaxation at its best – expect this routine to bring deep relaxation.

Duration: 15 minutes

Difficulty level and modifications: Easy. Concentrating for 15 minutes on relaxing can be surprisingly challenging for our “monkey minds”.  Regular practice will make this a lot easier.

Does Yoga Really Reduce Stress And Anxiety?

If you are wondering whether Yoga is good for stress, you only have to look at dedicated Yogis who always seem to have that super-relaxed look about them.  They are perhaps the best proof of how well Yoga de-stresses the mind and body

However, there is also a significant body of Yoga and stress research that demonstrates the beneficial role of Yoga for stress management (1, 2). 

This research shows that there is a clear link between Yoga practice and an associated reduction in the stress hormone Cortisol, together with lower levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Yoga, therefore, whether used alone or together with other stress management techniques such as meditation can be a powerful tool for stress reduction.

How Does Yoga Reduce Stress?

Yoga has a very beneficial effect on our nervous systems, in particular, the parasympathetic nervous system. This is that part of the nervous system that helps us to relax and rest.

Yoga also calms the sympathetic nervous system – that part of the nervous system which activates stress and anxiety by releasing stress hormones such as Cortisol.

In addition, Yoga also boosts levels feel-good brain chemicals which are responsible for feelings of relaxation and contentedness, and the way the brain processes rewards.

Keen to find out more about this?  Read our articles on The Emotional Benefits of Yoga and Why Does Yoga Make Me Feel So Good.

Which Types Of Yoga Are Best For Stress Relief?

If you are looking to In general, you will be looking for Yoga styles and routines that are slow, gentle and focused on the breath. 

A number of Yoga styles are particularly suited for this, including Yin and Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.  

Otherwise, slow Hatha and Vinyasa routines will also work well.  

In Conclusion

Experienced Yoga practitioners know and science confirms that Yoga can be of profound help in reducing stress and anxiety – especially if practised on a regular basis.  Even a few minutes a day can make a big difference.

Find out more about this in our articles on The Emotional Benefits of Yoga and Why Does Yoga Make Me Feel So Good.