Time To Get Up! The Great Benefits Of A Yoga Morning Routine

Do you ever wonder what the benefits of Yoga in the morning are and how you could find an easy way to get into a regular morning Yoga practice?

Scientific evidence shows that people with an established morning routine are much more likely to exercise regularly – including Yoga.

Key benefits of Yoga in the morning include:

1. Wake Up And Receive An Energy Boost

2. Get Rid Of Morning Stiffness

3. Calm The Mind And Emotions

4. Stimulate The Metabolism And Detoxification

5. Increase Awareness And Concentration

6. Foster Hormonal Balance And Better Sleep 

7. Build A Consistent Morning Routine 

Find out more detail about these morning Yoga benefits and get some key tips to help you set up a consistent morning routine below.

Key Benefits Of A Morning Yoga Practice

Yoga can be done literally at any hour of the day, depending on personal preference and circumstance.  For example, many people rely on day-time and evening Yoga to revive, wind down and relax after a stressful day, and also to get ready for sleep.

However, Yoga first thing in the morning benefits us in a number of important ways, in particular:

1. Wake Up And Receive An Energy Boost

Morning Yoga usually involves several stimulating poses and deep, regular breathing.  These get the blood flowing and oxygen to travel to all parts of the body.   As a result, we get a boost of energy.  Usually, our stomachs tend to be empty in the morning.  This helps our Yoga practice to become much more effective and invigorating.

2. Get Rid Of Morning Stiffness

Yoga practice always involves strengthening and flexing at the same time.  This helps us get rid of any morning stiffness and lumber up those creaky joints.  The ensuing flexibility translates to both the body and the mind. We are free to move and stand tall.

3. Calm The Mind And Emotions

The practice of deep breathing, relaxation and meditation that accompany Yoga allow us to calm the mind and check in with our mental state and any emotions we might be dealing with.  We can connect with any troublesome thoughts and emotions and move past them in a more positive direction.

4. Stimulate The Metabolism And Detoxification

Conscious breathing and targeted Yoga poses early in the day stimulate both the “Agni” (digestive fire) and metabolic processes. Besides, twisting poses help several internal detoxification pathways.  They also help stimulate key organs involved in digestion such as the liver and intestines.

5. Increase Awareness And Concentration

By raising both our energy levels and mental clarity, Yoga helps us to be much more aware and focused through the day. This, in turn, helps our attention span and productivity levels. We end up coping better with the everyday demands of life and work and feeling considerably less stressed.

6. Foster Hormonal Balance And Better Sleep 

Together, Yoga breathing, meditation and physical poses have a very beneficial effect on our endocrine or hormonal system.  The endocrine system uses glands and hormones to regulate most essential body functions and also our metabolism.  It is very finely tuned and susceptible to disturbances such as stress.

Regular Yoga morning practice can positively influence the endocrine system.  It also helps regulate our internal body clock and the production of the hormone Melatonin which is critical to good sleep.

Refer to our article on the beneficial effects of Yoga on the thyroid gland to get more detail on the effect of Yoga on our hormonal system.

7. Build A Consistent Morning Routine 

Our lives these days tend to be of a nature that interrupts our body clocks and hormonal system.  Increasing demands are placed on us by our partners,  families, workplaces, friends and social circles.  Besides, personal issues can also get in the way of our wellbeing.

Yoga practice can become one of the tools to get us out of bed and into a more regular morning routine.

The Benefits Of A Consistent Morning Routine

Not everyone likes the idea of routines which inherently can feel a bit boring and uninspiring.  We complain about “being stuck in the same daily routine”.  More often than not, this is a result of routines being placed on us by mainly external circumstances.

However, a consistent morning routine of our design can be transformative, and a major factor in creating a successful life.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Hmmm.  That’s an interesting way of looking at the idea of a routine.  If that’s true, then a good routine becomes an investment in our future.  It will help us become empowered and take ownership of our life.

Tips For Getting Into A Morning Yoga Routine

The Case For A Morning Routine

Here’s an interesting fact: People with a consistent morning routine have a 90% higher chance of exercising regularly. 

It follows therefore that our best chance to get regular exercise (including Yoga) is to have a good morning routine.  If we want to do Yoga regularly in the morning, it will be easier to do with a consistent morning routine.

Once a morning Yoga routine is established, we don’t have to rely on pure willpower and motivation anymore. We simply do what we do each morning because we know it’s good for us.  When it’s done, it’s done, and we don’t need to worry about it anymore for the rest of the day.

Overall, the longer a routine is practised, the more natural and effortless it becomes to us.

How To Set Up A Morning Yoga Routine

So, how can we best set up a positive morning routine?

Start by thinking about a positive activity with which you could start off your day – whatever that might be.  A brief meditation?  Listening to some music? Maybe a nice cup of tea at sunrise? Focus then on the essential activities (including Yoga) that need to follow to get you set up for the day ahead.

Write your optimal morning routine down and make sure it fits in with the rest of your daily routine.  Allocate enough time so that you can enjoy it and don’t have to get into a rush.

How much time does your ideal morning routine take?  And what does it mean in terms when you have to get up and go to bed the previous night?  It all depends on your other commitments and circumstances, how much sleep you need and how early you can bear to get up.

However, by keeping a routine as simple as possible, it will it much easier to implement.

Often, morning routines work best in conjunction with a corresponding evening routine.  Overall, well planned morning and evening routines can turn into treasured rituals to give your life more rhythm, texture, and pleasure.

An Example Of A Personal Morning Routine

Here’s an example of a morning routine that builds in Yoga:

  1. 7.00 am: Wake up and drink a glass of warm lemon water
  2. 7.05 am: 10-minute meditation
  3. 7.20 am: 15 minutes of Yoga plus 5 minutes of Savasana
  4. 7.45 am: Get ready (shower, breakfast, etc.)
  5. 8.15 am: Plan my day
  6. 8.30 am: Ready to go

Related Questions

How long should I do Yoga in the morning? That is completely up to you, depending on your level of fitness, what your personal goals are and how much time you have.  However, there is clear evidence that even 15 minutes of daily Yoga can deliver substantial long-term benefits, from better strength, flexibility and balance, to a calmer mind and improved mood.

Can You Recommend a Quick 10-Minute Yoga Routine? Yoga with Adriene is always a great place to start.  Here’s a great 10-minute practice for focus and productivity:

In Summary

Morning routines are one of the sure ways to guarantee we can live our lives to our full purpose.  They also provide the best foundation to exercise regularly. Doing Yoga in the morning as part of a daily ritual has many outstanding benefits in terms of our physical wellbeing, mental and emotional resilience, as well as personal awareness and performance.