Energize With This Simple Standing Vinyasa Flow

At times, I feel like a simple Yoga routine that does not require me to lie on the floor – perhaps because I am outside or I don’t have a Yoga mat with me.

This simple standing Vinyasa flow by Danielle Walsh is a standing routine I very much enjoy and tend to go back to every now and so often.  

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a school of Yoga that is based on movement, constantly flowing from one Yoga pose to the next, while closely focusing on the breath.

There’s a wide variety of Vinyasa flow styles out there to suit the different skill and fitness levels of different Yogis, and what their current needs and wants are.

Classes range from Slow Flow Yoga, to Beginner Vinyasa Yoga and to Power Flow Yoga.  However, while there can be a huge difference between varying Vinyasa Yoga classes, what connects them is the flow and regular breath.

Is Vinyasa Yoga Suitable For Everyone?

If you are interested in attending a Vinyasa flow class, it’s best to check their requirements out first to make sure that they will not be overwhelmed.

This is because Vinyasa flow classes can be very fast and demanding.  The constant between poses requires a certain level of fitness and also skill to find the right alignment fast and without injury.  There’s a significant difference here from other Yoga styles, for example Hatha Yoga.  This is focused on individual poses and their correct alignment, and poses are held for a longer time.

On the other hand, there are many slow, gentle or beginner Vinyasa flow classes that will fit the bill for most and will be a great place to start.

Interested in finding out about the different Yoga styles?  Read our related articles about Yoga styles and how to find the right Yoga type for yourself.

It’s Easy And So Energizing: Standing Flow Routine

If you don’t feel like you are up to go to a Yoga class or you don’t want or can get down on the floor, then an easy online standing Yoga routine can be great.

It’s surprising how this simple standing Yoga Vinyasa flow routine works your body from head to toe and bring much relaxation and energy.

You are taken through a whole sequence of different Yoga standing poses, carefully synchronized with the breath.

It’s ideal for all levels, be it a beginner or advanced Yogi.  You are carefully guided through all the poses and with clear step-by-step instructions.

Just a couple of tips.  If you have problems with balance – grab a chair and place it next to you.  You can always grasp the back of it should you require a point of stability.  Always, always only do what you can and what you feel confident with.  If not, take a short break standing or sit on the chair!

Danielle Walsh Try has carefully designed this standing Vinyasa flow routine.  It’s in two parts, so make sure you move onto the second part.  The entire routine is 25 minutes long all up, but truly well worth your time and effort.

Danielle holds the class in her garden and you can literally feel the sunshine and wind on your body. You will feel strengthened, stretched and refreshed.

Give It A Try!

Part 1

 Part 2

Thanks to Danielle Walsh for sharing these videos.